Moviesflix Website 2020: Hindi Dubbed Hollywood, Bollywood Movies TV Show Web Series Download

Moviesflix aka Moviesflix hub is a pirated movie streaming website that has a collection of thousands of old and new movies. These movies are put up illegally and this website has no distribution rights for the movies.

Specification of Movieflix net

Thousands of people watch movies on this website and there is also a Moviesflix HD movie download feature that allows people to download movies for free.

The best feature of this website is the Moviesflix 300mb option that allows mobile users to download movies and the file size doesn’t exceed 300mb. This allows users to store more movies without compromising the picture quality.

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    What piracies do to the film industry?

    Piracies are like cancer to the industry and these piracies have to lead to the downfall of many different movies. The pirated version of a Bollywood movie is uploaded to Moviesflix HD Bollywood within a few days of its release and when the piracy is available online people stop going to the theatres.

    This causes a cut in expected revenue for filmmakers and when there is no enough revenue there will be fewer profits and when there are fewer profits producers, actors, directors are obliged to take a pay cut.

    How peer to peer connection works in Downloading?

    There are hundreds of websites that stream pirated movies and some of them are taken down by the government but their download links are always active.

    This is because they use a peer to peer connection to set up downloads. This peer to peer connection is also used in torrent based downloads. Since peer to peer connection networks does not depend on a central server to host the downloadable files the government can’t stop people from sharing movies.

    If there was a central server that hosted files the government could track down the server and take it down and this will cause all the downloads to stop.

    In peer to peer network, one user hosts the files of the other user and these hosts change from time to time. This is why the download links are active and work all the time.


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